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Month: January, 2014

Kent – Mannen i den vita hatten

GOD MORGEN ALLE SAMMEN! – Here is one of my favourite songs by my all time favourite Swedish band KENT! HA EN FIN DAG!

Rådet – an interesting Norwegian programme for all Norsk-learners!

Rådet – an interesting Norwegian programme for all Norsk-learners!

Ingrid Gjessing, Harald Eia og Leo Ajkic gir sine beste råd.

Hitting language learning brick walls?

Here’s a video I made earlier yesterday all about facing challenges and barriers within language. Why not watch, you might find it insightful!

A Norwegian documentary about Norwegian artists in Berlin!

A Norwegian documentary about Norwegian artists in Berlin!

Poor, but sexy

This is such an interesting documentary! If you’re learning Norwegian, værsågod!

Norwegian word of the day!

– ‘Snø’ – this is the Norwegian word for ‘Snow’ this word is especially relevant at this time of year!

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Lots of Norwegian NRK P3 radio-documentaries!

EVERYONE learning norwegian will find these useful for hearing Norwegian as spoken by Norwegians. (:

Thomas – TheNorgeScone (Visit my YouTube channel ThomasTheNorgeScone!)

Why learn Norwegian before Danish & Swedish?

First of all, I should say that I’m an English guy who for the first 16 years of lifecouldn’t speak a second language. I really wanted to learn a language, and I felt useless not being able to, so I decided to learn Norwegian to fluency.

I think that if you’re interested in Scandinavia, and want to learn one of the three Scandinavian languages (Danish, Norwegian, & Swedish) I would strongly suggest that you learn Norwegian first of all! 

Why? Well, Norwegian, as far as language is concerned, is a good middle-ground between Danish and Swedish. I, as an average person can easily understand 90% of spoken Swedish, and maybe 50% of Spoken Danish. I can read almost all Swedish & Danish, and I think anyone who learns Norwegian will be able to do the same, just as Norwegians already do.

You should realise that Norwegian, Swedish, & Danish are incredibly similar. So similar, that the Scandinavians can easily speak to one another using their own languages. Even though there are definite and obvious differences to someone like myself, who speaks Norwegian – Swedish sounds very similar to Norwegian. Danish sounds quite different to Norwegian & Swedish, however many of the words are the almost same, but just pronounced differently.

So, just to recap, Norwegian is very close to Danish in written form, where as Norwegian is closer to Swedish in pronunciation – so Norwegian can be used as a useful stepping stone to either language.

I am not saying that starting out in one of the other two languages is a bad idea – please, learn the language you wish to learn! HOWEVER… I am not the only one who believes that it might not be quite as easy to understand quite as much of the other two languages, or it might take you slightly more time! (Learn Swedish & Danish if you wish, they are great languages too!)

Thanks for reading, everyone, and learn languages! (:

Learn some Norwegian with Thomas! (me!)

The Basics of Norwegian – Lesson TWO – Where do you come from?

“Learning languages is fun and everyone should and can become bilingual.”


I have recently decided to make a series of videos on YouTube designed to teach people some useful basics in the Norwegian language! I will be making a video once a week, and I hope that they are entertaining and useful! Learning languages is fun and everyone should become bilingual.


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Learn Norwegian with Thomas! (me)

Just in case you missed it before I upload lesson 2, here is lesson 1 in my YouTube series The Basics of Norwegian! In this episode, you will learn how to say ‘I am ___’ & ‘You are ___’ in Norwegian!

Thomas – TheNorgeScone (Visit my YouTube channel TheNorgeScone!)

Anyone can become bilingual, and everyone should be!

Without sounding like I am trying to force this on people, like feeding a baby foods it doesn’t like, I’m going to talk about why everyone can, and should be bilingual!

1. Everyone’s brain is capable of living with and fully understanding at least two languages. I don’t care if you think you aren’t clever enough. You so are! And that’s that. So there.

2. We can’t expect everyone to learn English, because that isn’t the reality. So much of the world doesn’t have the resources they need to learn English, however we westerners have all the resources we need to learn just about any language on planet earth. We can at least meet them half way!

3. Being bilingual will improve your life in so many ways. For a start, it’s healthy for the brain, and that’s before you even start to meet new people and experience new situations in life which wouldn’t happen or wouldn’t be as good without being bilingual.

4. People will be impressed by bilingual people no matter what. You could just say “hello, my name is…” in a foreign language, and that’s often enough. Showing off also may encourage other people to learn languages, which is what the English-speaking world needs.

5. Do it!

Thomas – TheNorgeScone (Visit my YouTube channel TheNorgeScone!)