Anyone can become bilingual, and everyone should be!

by Thomas Corcoran

Without sounding like I am trying to force this on people, like feeding a baby foods it doesn’t like, I’m going to talk about why everyone can, and should be bilingual!

1. Everyone’s brain is capable of living with and fully understanding at least two languages. I don’t care if you think you aren’t clever enough. You so are! And that’s that. So there.

2. We can’t expect everyone to learn English, because that isn’t the reality. So much of the world doesn’t have the resources they need to learn English, however we westerners have all the resources we need to learn just about any language on planet earth. We can at least meet them half way!

3. Being bilingual will improve your life in so many ways. For a start, it’s healthy for the brain, and that’s before you even start to meet new people and experience new situations in life which wouldn’t happen or wouldn’t be as good without being bilingual.

4. People will be impressed by bilingual people no matter what. You could just say “hello, my name is…” in a foreign language, and that’s often enough. Showing off also may encourage other people to learn languages, which is what the English-speaking world needs.

5. Do it!

Thomas – TheNorgeScone (Visit my YouTube channel TheNorgeScone!)