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A video about ‘small-talk’ and casual Norwegian

This is my most recent video all about how Norwegians speak when they are at their most informal. Enjoy!

A few simple Norwegian phrases you’ll hear in Norway… | Learn Norwegian

Hi there to my neglected (but appreciated) WordPress people – here’s my latest video, including some simpler but common Norwegian phrases that you’ll hear in Norway. I hope you enjoy/learn something new!


Hello there new followers, yes, I will try to use WordPress…

I’m going to TRY to post my videos and other text posts on my WordPress page from now on, I promise… In any case, thank you!

An intro lesson to Norwegian passive s-verbs… (in the future/present tense) | Learn Norwegian

Hi there everyone – here’s another new-ish video about Norwegian s-verbs. Enjoy!

… And yes… I’m trying to make more of an effort with WordPress…


‘kommer til å’ – ‘going to’ in Norwegian…

Hi there everyone – here’s one of my newest videos which is all about saying ‘going to’ in Norwegian. Enjoy!

Kent – Mannen i den vita hatten

GOD MORGEN ALLE SAMMEN! – Here is one of my favourite songs by my all time favourite Swedish band KENT! HA EN FIN DAG!

Rådet – an interesting Norwegian programme for all Norsk-learners!

Rådet – an interesting Norwegian programme for all Norsk-learners!

Ingrid Gjessing, Harald Eia og Leo Ajkic gir sine beste råd.

Hitting language learning brick walls?

Here’s a video I made earlier yesterday all about facing challenges and barriers within language. Why not watch, you might find it insightful!

A Norwegian documentary about Norwegian artists in Berlin!

A Norwegian documentary about Norwegian artists in Berlin!

Poor, but sexy

This is such an interesting documentary! If you’re learning Norwegian, værsågod!

Norwegian word of the day!

– ‘Snø’ – this is the Norwegian word for ‘Snow’ this word is especially relevant at this time of year!

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